Throw Event

The 4 different throws events: discus, shot put, javelin, and hammer.

How to throw the hammer

Hammer throw

How to throw the hammer to achieve your optimum distance begins with core control involving strength, balance, and projection. The hammer event requires that the athlete is in command of their whole body. It is important to feel the position of your hands, feet, arms, and head while keeping your knees slightly bent at the same time spinning to gain momentum. This event takes a matter of seconds to complete but takes many hours of training to master. As in …
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How to choose a javelin

javelin thrower

Choose a javelin to help you reach your performance goals. Your javelin selection criteria changes overtime as you advance with their skill. It is not a one size fits all notion. It is not like purchasing a baseball which comes in one size. There are many facets to consider like gender, skill level, budget before making a purchase of a javelin. It is common for athletes to carry approximately 3 or more javelins with them at an event as their …
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