discus track and field shoes In order to perform your best at the track and field throwing sports, you need to put in the practice hours, get the best coaching, and choose the right gear. Regardless of your track and field throwing event, selecting the best shoe will definitely help you get your farthest throw. There are many different shoe styles and brands to consider when selecting the best shoe to help you maximize your throwing distance. Whether you select a shoe from Nike, Adidas or VS Athletics, ThrowsLab is your one-stop-shop for all your throw sports needs. Let ThowsLab help you select the best discus track and field shoe to perform your best at your next event.

Selecting the best discus track and field throwing shoes

One of the most important considerations in selecting your discus track and field shoe is fit. Unlike running shoes, your discus track and field throwing shoes should have a snug fit. While you are looking for a shoe that fits tightly around your foot, you also want to be sure the shoe is comfortable. ThrowsLab offers a variety of shoes in its online store to make it easier to select the shoe that is right for you. Dedicated throwing shoes for shot put, discus, and hammer are different from other track shoes. The fit is more snug, and the shoes don’t have a spike plate. Instead, throwing shoes should have a smooth bottom for the spin technique or a textured rubber outsole for better traction during the glide technique. You don’t want a shoe that pushes you off the ball of your foot when throwing discus. Rather, you want a shoe that allows you to feel connected to the ground. Especially when throwing the discus, you need for your shoe to allow you to smoothly execute your spin. Some discus throwers make the mistake of selecting a shoe with a rounded heel which negatively affects lateral balance. As such, ThrowsLab recommends a shoe with a flat and smooth bottom that is going to allow you to maximize your spin to help you get the farthest throw. Lastly, you need to select a shoe that is made from high quality materials so that it is both comfortable around your foot and durable. Durability is especially important because the friction between your shoe and the ground causes the sole to wear. Since throwing events happen in any weather, you want a shoe that is going to withstand harsh weather conditions.

What to look for in best discus track and field throwing shoes

Tight but comfortable fit

A snug fit is necessary to both improve performance and avoid injury. A tight but comfortable fit around the foot is ideal.

Good traction

A shoe with good traction is going to help with stability control and reduce the possibility of slipping during the throw. Again, good traction helps with overall throwing performance by allowing the thrower to build momentum before the throw. Good shoe traction is also important in preventing injury.


Lockdown is fundamental because it keeps the foot secure and pushed down into the platform.

Flat and smooth shoe bottom

As referenced above, a shoe with a flat and smooth bottom allows the thrower to execute spins more smoothly which helps build momentum before the throw.

Heavy build

A discus shoe is much heavier than most track and field shoes. This engineering is intended to keep the thrower on the ground especially during the throwing phase. You would not, however, want your shoe to be so heavy as to restrict foot movement.

Other considerations

Aside from some of the technical specifications referenced above, you will want to consider other factors such as price, speed, and durability. ThowsLab has the right discus track and field shoe to meet your individual needs.

Cleaning your discus track and field shoes

Discus track and field shoes get dirty. So, what is the best way to keep your new shoe clean? The best rule of thumb is to never put your discus shoes in the dryer. It is best to let them air dry naturally. Also, before you think about throwing those dirty shoes in the washer, consider these tips on how to keep your new shoes from ThrowsLab clean.
  • Before washing your shoes, remove all the excess dirt and mud with a dry brush. This will make washing them a whole lot less messy.
  • It is best to clean your discus shoes with a mix of warm water and gentle laundry detergent. You don’t want something too harsh that is going to damage the shoe.
  • The sock liner and laces should be removed and cleaned separately.
  • Use a sponge or soft cloth to clean the shoe.
  • Make sure all the detergent residue is wiped from the shoe with clean water.

Take your discus track and shoes to a ThrowsLab’s Discus Throwing Camp

Now that you have selected the best shoe for your track and field discus or other throwing event, consider attending one of ThrowsLab’s throw camps. Our discus throwing camps feature a coach-to-athlete ratio of 7:11, which guarantees plenty of one-on-one attention for each athlete. The large number of coaches at throws camps enables them to work with every skill level equally. Our coaches are the best in the game, with the record to prove it: you’ll find ThrowsLab athletes in podium spots from USATF, Junior Olympics, and State, Section and League Championships. Our coaches have tremendous qualifications, but their results are what make our camps exceptional.

ThowsLab’s discus throwing coaching and small group training

ThrowsLab offers private coaching for the athlete who benefits from a more individualized training approach. Our one-on-one coaching sessions include many training benefits:
  • An in-depth analysis and breakdown of your overall technique
  • Video Analysis to get a better understanding of how you can improve
  • Adjustments during the session that can help your technique immediately
  • Drills and Exercises to work on at home to improve your performance
Whether you’re looking to refine your technique or break into the next level of competition, a private one-on-one session will help you hone your skills and maximize your throws. This personalized training session will help you build strength, confidence in your technique, rhythm, Private throws coaching sessions consist of 90 mins of instruction, video analysis, and breakdown of the athlete’s technique, along with a drill prescription for athletes to take home to improve athletic performance, ThrowsLab also offer small group training sessions with many of the same benefits as our camps or individual coaching sessions with a small group in mind.


Nick Momaney

Great Coaching! Working with throwslab through high school led me to a current d1 opportunity.

Jeffrey Williams

Coach Fouts has coached me (Malan Potts) for 4 years. During that time, he has proven himself to be a generous and giving leader who trains his athletes hard and encourages them to do their best. I saw a huge improvement in my technique after my very first training session. He coaches me in a way that I never feel like he is being critical. I look forward to my training sessions and camps. He is always willing to give me advice on the college process which has been extremely helpful. My entire family appreciates, Coach Fouts!!!!

Frequently asked questions about ThrowsLab Camps

  • What is a typical day like at a ThrowsLab camp?

    A ThrowsLab camp offers a balance of drills and throwing. The order is usually drills, lunch, then throwing. We make adjustments as-needed, depending on the format and time of year.

  • Can I still come to a ThrowsLab camp if I don’t have throwing shoes or equipment?

    Yes. Not having throwing shoes isn’t ideal but still manageable to learn the technique, drills, and movements. We provide other equipment in limited quantities for ThrowsLab camps. You can also buy equipment from ThrowsLab at the camp.

  • What kind of equipment do I need to bring to a ThrowsLab camp?

    Bring a shot put, two discs, throwing shoes, water bottle, and a towel to dry off implements just in case it’s necessary.

  • Is lunch provided at a ThrowsLab camp?

    No. There are usually local places to eat lunch or you can bring food. There is an an hour for lunch each day at ThrowsLab camps.

  • How many coaches and athletes will be at a ThrowsLab camp?

    We are very committed to keeping our coach-to-athlete ratio as small as possible. Our goal is no more than a 7:1 ratio. This means every athlete gets a ton of one-on-one instruction, but we’re also able to attend to a broad range of skill levels.

About your Throws coach

Shot Put Throws CoachCoach John Fouts is the owner of ThrowsLab. He is certified by USATF as a level 2 coach, completed level 2 of Arete Throws Nation TCR™ system, and holds an NCACE Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification. He was a two-sport athlete in high school (Football & Track) and played his college football at Santa Clara University and UCLA. In 2011 he became a full-time coach and currently coaches Track at Diablo Valley College. Over the past 7 years his athletes have won 2 Junior Olympic National Titles, achieved two top 5 finishes at the USATF Junior Outdoor Championships, has had 5 podium finishes at state, won 58 discus and shot put titles, broke a 42 year old NCS section record in Discus (205’ 7”), and 9 school records. John currently lives with his wife Carol (Mrs. ThrowsLab) and their children in Clayton.