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Do you learn faster than others? Are you too far away to attend your group training camp, and private classes are the primary way to get the coaching you need? Group training isn’t for everyone; some athletes prefer a one-on-one approach. If you’re a beginner trying to catch up or want to improve faster than the other athletes to gain an edge over the competition. Private Throws coaching with Coach Williams can help you overcome these hurdles.

Private Throws coaching with Coach Williams offers a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • An in-depth analysis and breakdown of your overall technique.
  • Video Analysis to get a better understanding of how you can improve
  • Adjustments during the session that can help your technique immediately
  • Drills and Exercises to work on at home to improve your performance

Whether you’re looking to refine your technique or break into the next level of competition, a private one-on-one session with Coach Williams will help you hone your skills and maximize your throws. This personalized training session will help you build strength and confidence in your technique, rhythm, timing, and balance to help you add distance to your throws. With Coach Williams, you can surpass your limits and attain peak performance.

Perfect practice makes perfect. With a private session from Coach Williams, you will add distance to your throws, and you will learn what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. This helps perfect your form and increase the distance on your throws. Whether you’re looking to compete in Shot Put, Javelin, Hammer Throws, or Discus, entry-level or elite-level Coach Williams can help you gain the skills needed to compete.

Private throws coaching sessions consist of 90 minutes of instruction, video analysis, a breakdown of the athlete’s technique, and a drill prescription for athletes to take home to improve athletic performance.

Throwslab Private Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

How many ThrowsLab private coaching sessions do I need?

It depends on your situation and availability. To start, we recommend five private coaching sessions. The first session is a longer evaluation to evaluate where you stand technically, while offering an overview of the technical progressions to improve quickly. The sessions that follow build from that evaluation to solidify new technique. After the fifth session, we schedule additional private coaching sessions based on the preference of the athlete or parents.

How often should I have a ThrowsLab private coaching session?

In a perfect world, two days a week is an ideal way to reinforce good habits in the Throws. In a less perfect world, get a Throwslab private coaching session as often as your schedule allows, especially if you don’t have a Throws coach.

What are the qualifications of ThrowsLab coaches?

Throwslab has the best coaches in the industry. This is our strength! It is why you regularly see ThrowsLab athletes taking the podium spots from USATF, Junior Olympic, State, Section, and League Championships. All Throwslab coaches have tremendous qualifications, but most importantly, they produce results.

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