Shot Put Scholarships
Earning shot put scholarships isn’t easy, but track and field scholarships are always hard-won. Of course, there are strategies that can put you in an optimal position for those coveted scholarships, starting with training under top coaches. If you have the drive and skills to excel both on the field and off, the right training can get you on track to pursue a shot put scholarship at your school of choice.

For the most current information about track and field scholarships and the impact of COVID-19 please feel free to contact Coach John Fouts. Coach Fouts is following the issue closely and wants to support your efforts with the best response.

NCAA committee will vote on eligibility relief for spring athletes on March 30

The Truth About Track and Field Scholarships

Many people assume that athletic scholarships are the result of natural talent and physical ability, but this is not our experience. At ThrowsLab, we believe champions are made, not born. We take raw talent and hone it into excellence, but that is only part of the work required to get an athletic scholarship. Your academics need to be in good order, and you need to have a clear picture of what various schools offer you.

Considerations For Shot Put Scholarships

Of course, track and field scholarships for high school students represent financial opportunity, but there is a lot more to a scholarship than money. While the amount of financial support should factor into your decision, there are other three other things that should influence your decision.

School Fit

The school you plan to attend should be a good fit: one that you would choose even if you weren’t an athlete. Track and field college scholarships are wonderful, but what happens if you have an injury or a coach leaves? Choose a school that excels at your major and has a high graduation rate for athletes.

The Coach

The coach you train with will be the adult you spend the most time with over the next 4-5 years. Always evaluate coaching style and if it fits with how you like to be coached. Make sure that the coach is a good fit, and that their contract will last for the duration of your time at college.


These are the people you will spend the majority of your time with, so you must evaluate how you fit with the team. When visiting, pay attention to group dynamics and observe whether teammates seem to enjoy being together.

The Academics Behind Track and Field Scholarships

Don’t wait until your senior year to focus on your grades. From the first day of freshman year, you are building your academic profile. Your performance in class demonstrates your discipline and drive just as much as your athletic achievements. The best colleges for track and field scholarships are competitive in every way, academics included.

The Character Needed for Track and Field Scholarships

Athletic excellence and strong academic performance are important considerations college recruiters weigh when selecting potential scholarship recipients. But they also want athletes who represent their values and reflect the integrity of their institution. Just one ugly post on social media can mean losing an opportunity to another athlete who appears more positive in their public life. Conducting yourself with integrity will increase your odds of receiving the scholarship you dream of.

Increasing Your Odds for Shot Put Scholarships

Training with ThrowLab’s Olympian-quality instructors can help you stand out in the recruitment process. We identify and develop untapped potential and push you to get the PRs you want. With the right attitude, equipment, and personalized training, you can be well positioned for a track and field scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions About ThrowsLab Private Coaching

How many ThrowsLab private coaching sessions do I need?

It depends on your situation and availability. To start, we recommend five private coaching sessions. The first session is a longer evaluation to evaluate where you stand technically, while offering an overview of the technical progressions to improve quickly. The sessions that follow build from that evaluation to solidify new technique. After the fifth session, we schedule additional private coaching sessions based on the preference of the athlete or parents.

How often should I have a ThrowsLab private coaching session?

In a perfect world, two days a week is an ideal way to reinforce good habits in the Throws. In a less perfect world, get a Throwslab private coaching session as often as your schedule allows, especially if you don’t have a Throws coach.

What are the qualifications of ThrowsLab coaches?

Throwslab has the best coaches in the industry. This is our strength! It is why you regularly see ThrowsLab athletes taking the podium spots from USATF, Junior Olympic, State, Section, and League Championships. All Throwslab coaches have tremendous qualifications, but most importantly, they produce results.

About your Throws coach

Shot Put Throws CoachCoach John Fouts is the owner of ThrowsLab. He is certified by USATF as a level 2 coach, completed level 2 of Arete Throws Nation TCR™ system, and holds an NCACE Strength and Conditioning Coach Certification. He was a two-sport athlete in high school (Football & Track) and played his college football at Santa Clara University and UCLA. In 2011 he became a full-time coach and currently coaches Track at Diablo Valley College.

Over the past 7 years his athletes have won 2 Junior Olympic National Titles, achieved two top 5 finishes at the USATF Junior Outdoor Championships, has had 5 podium finishes at state, won 58 discus and shot put titles, broke a 42 year old NCS section record in Discus (205’ 7”), and 9 school records. John currently lives with his wife Carol (Mrs. ThrowsLab) and their children in Clayton.