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Small Group Training

If shot put and discus was easy, everyone would throw far! The simple fact is there are no shortcuts, and to reach your full potential as a thrower you have to focus on certain elements: Strength training, proprioception (body awareness), technical development, and training consistency.

That’s where ThrowsLab comes in. We provide throwers the opportunity, environment, and coaching expertise to take your throws to the next level.

Our small group training offers multiple coaches to ensure a low athlete to coach training ratio, video analysis to enhance learning, and drill prescriptions in order to maximize your training time. It’s these simple elements, which have made Throwslab into the most Successful throws club in California.


ThrowsLab will be offering a 2020 Summer season training  program (Mon, Wed, & Fri) that will offer 21+, 2 hour training sessions starting June 15, 2020 – July 31, 2020.

Practices willl be held at:
Clayton Valley Charter High School.
MON – WED – FRI’S     9:00 – 11:00 AM

Summer Training Group $395