Coach Fouts is one of a kind! Two years ago I contacted Coach Fouts in regard to private throwing lessons for my son (who was sophomore). We are from a small rural area in the Central Valley and, at that time, had zero access to solid throws training. Coach Fouts responded to my email within a day and talked to me for over an hour about my son’s goals and detailed his throwing philosophy, which aligned perfectly with my own belief in developing strong fundamentals as early as possible. Coach Fouts passion for the sport and his athletes was evident in our very first conversation. His enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and old school genuineness sealed the deal on making the 3 hour + commute the next weekend for a private throwing session that lasted well over the scheduled time. I am telling you, he is that good. Over countless of miles and camps later, Fouts is still our go to guy for throws training. We are lucky enough now to have a ThrowsLab Coach closer to our home town, but my son still attends every ThrowsLab clinic that his schedule will allow. On a technical side, Coach Fouts trains his throwers in a proven system that is used at the highest level of the sport. He isn’t playing around with old school technique. As a high school volleyball coach, I deeply appreciative Fouts commitment to providing current, elite level training for his athletes. He cares about his athletes and goes above and beyond to provide the training needed to reach the next level. ThrowsLab isn’t a job for Fouts, it’s his passion, which makes it the very best program around.