How many ThrowsLab private coaching sessions do I need?

It depends on your situation and availability. To start, we recommend five private coaching sessions. The first session is a longer evaluation to evaluate where you stand technically, while offering an overview of the technical progressions to improve quickly. The sessions that follow build from that evaluation to solidify new technique. After the fifth session, we schedule additional private coaching sessions based on the preference of the athlete or parents.

How often should I have a ThrowsLab private coaching session?

In a perfect world, two days a week is an ideal way to reinforce good habits in the Throws. In a less perfect world, get a Throwslab private coaching session as often as your schedule allows, especially if you don’t have a Throws coach.

How many coaches and athletes will be at a ThrowsLab camp?

We are very committed to keeping our coach-to-athlete ratio as small as possible. Our goal is no more than a 7:1 ratio. This means every athlete gets a ton of one-on-one instruction, but we’re also able to attend to a broad range of skill levels.

Is lunch provided at a ThrowsLab camp?

No. There are usually local places to eat lunch or you can bring food. There is an an hour for lunch each day at Throwslab camps.

What kind of equipment do I need to bring to a ThrowsLab camp?

Bring a shot put, two discs, throwing shoes, water bottle, and a towel to dry off implements just in case it’s necessary.

Can I still come to a ThrowsLab camp if I don’t have throwing shoes or equipment?

Yes. Not having throwing shoes isn’t ideal but still manageable to learn the technique, drills, and movements. We provide other equipment in limited quantities for Throwslab camps. You can also buy equipment from Throwslab at the camp.

What are the qualifications of ThrowsLab coaches?

Throwslab has the best coaches in the industry. This is our strength! It is why you regularly see ThrowsLab athletes taking the podium spots from USATF, Junior Olympic, State, Section, and League Championships. All Throwslab coaches have tremendous qualifications, but most importantly, they produce results.

What is a typical day like at a ThrowsLab camp?

A Throwslab camp offers a balance of drills and throwing. The order is usually drills, lunch, then throwing. We make adjustments as-needed, depending on the format and time of year.